Eat, Blog, Shop, Repeat

Hello, and Welcome to Buy Now Cry Later. Being a college student your budget is tight, also being a college student you want everything that falls under the latest fashion and trends. You want the latest fashion for Thirsty Thursday at the bar, or you want your Instagram post to get 100 likes so what do you do? Post an #ootd or #makeuponfleek. In order to find the perfect party outfit or best makeup colors we shop! Us girls bring up the pile of items to the register, close our eyes, and swipe our card praying to the money gods that the transaction is approved.

This blog will cover a variety of topics under the fashion industry, such as beauty, clothing trends, hottest makeup looks, and more! I am going to give beauty tips, and tutorials rather than just write about it, I would love to share my knowledge and show you various products through tutorials. I am going to review certain products to whether they work, or if they have cheaper alternatives. I am going to write about the new and upcoming trends focusing on fashion like chokers, nail piercings, or body suits.

What drew me to this topic is that there is so much to write about! Fashion is always changing and it is a repeating cycle.I can show off my wardrobe, and my fashion because their is no right or wrong. Beauty is always a thing women overthink. If I can help young college girls with cheap, affordable trends. I can also help people step out of their comfort zones in order to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

I have a love hate relationship with this topic some days I create the perfect outfit other days I am your typical college girl in yoga pants and a hoodie. Throughout my four years of high school I tried to never wear the same outfit. When I say outfit I mean same shirt, pants, and shoes together. I still have this problem when I wear a dress for a wedding or other function I refuse to wear it again, as if I am breaking some fashion law. I participate on TV at school and every week I go out and buy a shirt to be on air in because I will not be caught dead in the same outfit!

I would like to connect with other fashion bloggers or sites. I would also like to connect with photographers, as you could focus on the outfit of choice for that location of the picture, or have them connect with me and help me better the fashion photography through out my blog.



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  1. aleixaann says:

    Since fashion is (in some sense) a “living, breathing” thing; it is constantly adapting and evolving, and so being versatile will really help your blog flourish! There are never ending varieties within the world of fashion, so this blog should be varied as well, and I think adding the tutorials alongside your other content will help with that.

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  2. oshyb says:

    @lexmila @babyboofashion @bretmansvanity are all instas I follow that may be inspiring or of help to you and your blog 🙂

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    1. rmrickson says:

      Ah yes! Super helpful loving seeing new ideas and branching out within the fashion community. 🙂


  3. npat24 says:

    Holla! The struggle is real when it comes to shopping on a college student budget. I am excited to see updates about the latest fashion and make up trends all in one place! I am always so behind on all the latest trends, so this will be helpful in staying up to date!

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    1. rmrickson says:

      I am glad I can connect you and keep you updated with the latest trends and fashion 🙂

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  4. JoshMar622 says:

    Are you going to talk about what stores offer the trends at both an affordable price and a higher end price? I love the idea of videos to talk instead of words to read. Makes it very engaging.


    1. rmrickson says:

      I made my first tutorial video and it was a success! I love the idea of reviewing stores with affordable prices. I always find myself running to the back of the store to find the clearance section no matter where I am.

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      1. JoshMar622 says:

        I always look for a sale. Although Forever and H&M don’t really have them because they are pretty affordable already. But I love They have some amazing deals.

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