Keeping up with the Karfashians

Keeping up with the Kardashians maybe hard but keeping up with their fashion trends is a whole different story!

Kim Kardashian is always creating a fashion statement, and being a trendsetter. Although her new fashion statement is like no other… nail piercings. Kim posted a video on snapchat a few months ago of metallic purple nails with two or three gold hoops pierced on the top of each nail. Not only did she pierce them once but twice! The second time she snapped a picture with no caption of her shiny black nails linked together with a silver chain.

These trendsetters have created a whole new level of nail art. You can purchase nail piercing kits . You can attach hoops, chains, dangling pearls or diamonds.

I can barley type on a keyboard with acrylic nails on never mind attaching chains and hoops to the end. Is this trend going to reach to the general public just as the Kardashian braids did? How can you button your pants, or sign your name? These nails are not for me. I just can not stop wondering how does one function! Since fashion is always repeating itself is this a new thing or is it just popular and made notice because our fashion statement celebrity tried it?

What do you think… heck ya or heck no?!



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  1. I think there will be plenty of people doing this because theres people out there who follow every single thing the Kardashians do. No I don’t think it’ll be a super popular thing, but I do think we’ll see people doing crazy things with their nails. Would you consider doing this if it didn’t get in your way?

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    1. rmrickson says:

      Maybe if I was rich and famous I would consider doing this to my nails. I have had my eyes on the look out to see if this new fashion statement is trending.


  2. JoshMar622 says:

    I say hell no. This is taking way too far. Wouldn’t most daily functions and grooming tasks be hindered by this? And what if the chain got caught on something!!! EEEEEPPPPP!

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    1. rmrickson says:

      Preach! Some fashion trends just should not exist and this is one of them.

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