Say Anything but Yes to Kleinfeld

Being a bride is every girls dream and lets be real it is all about the dress!

Every girl already has her bridesmaids picked out, wedding colors on swatches, or the style wedding dress she wants. Personally I have it all..even my date, the only thing I am missing is Prince Charming. An easy creative way to map out your wedding is though Pinterest. You can take a sneak peak of my winter wonderland wedding:

This summer will be my second wedding I get to have the honor of being a bridesmaid in. The hunt for the perfect bridal gown has to be one of the most stressful things to witness, unless your family just wants to get on TV and be famous like mine! Most of you are familiar with the show Say Yes to the Dress which takes place in New York at Kleinfeld Bridal. When I found out my cousin had made an appointment at Kleinfeld I was speechless! I began binge watching episodes, and trying to pin out key ways to get our shot on TV. Let me tell you how television can simply be a lie.


As soon as we stepped foot into Kleinfeld we were yelled at for taking pictures just of the dresses on the mannequins when you walk in. We had arrived with with 7 of us not including the bride and they had told us only 4 of us could enter as my cousin were to try on dresses. (Luckily we put up a fight, we did not drive three hours for nothing)

The place was a lot smaller than expected, and the bride consultant was very pushy when it came to buying a dress, making it seem as though we had to leave the store with on of their dresses. The dresses were not perfect either as they had imperfections which is unacceptable for your perfect day.  We were unable to roam the store and help search or even be another set of eyes to find the correct style.

Wedding fashion is one of the things you will look back on for the rest of your life, so you would not want to regret saying yes at Kleinfeld.

 Say Yes to The Dress was nothing but a harsh reality of television, time to change to station and tune into a different show!


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