Oscars Attire

The Oscars are one of the biggest fashion nights of the year. As high end fashion designers show off their dresses celebrities show off their talent. While the Oscars gives out many awards the fashion industry does as well by nominating the best and worst dressed. Considering the best dressed gains the most attention. I like to focus on the worst.

Tonight’s worst dressed brought some surprising results.

Dakota Johnson got Christian Grey into the red room but could not make it on the red  carpet. The Fifty Shades Darker star proves being in a sexy movie does not always mean you are the sexiest dressed. As she wears a gold silk-like Gucci dress it proves you should never over do it on fabric. Seems as though this star was going for the apron, popped collar look. The dress was unflattering to her figure, and her hair could of used more attention.


Leslie Mann the How to be Single star will surely be single after being seen in this dress. Zac Posen an American designer without a doubt brought out the Disney princess (Belle) with this dress. The mustard yellow dress does not flatter her skin tone. The baggy tacked up tent-like bottom of the dress reminds me of camping as a child. Even the Beast disapproves.


Scarlett Johansson opened eyes with her colorful Azzedina Alaia dress. The dress did not show off her inner superhero but it did show off her tattoo. The dress was not classy enough for the Oscars with it’s studded belt and visible petticoat. Showing off her new haircut gave the dress a punk rock vibe. The entire outfit was very busy.


Dakota with her over fabricated gold Gucci grandma like dress, Leslie with the mustard cloud, and Scarlett with the punk rock busy gown were three of the most shocking worst dressed at the Oscars tonight.

It is was no surprise that some of the best dressed included Jessica Biel, Emma Stone, and Taraji P. Henson.


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