Suns out Buns out

With spring break right around the corner it calls for spring closet cleaning, which is my favorite time of year because you get to have a shopping spree! Also with spring break creeping up it means vacation, sunny weather, and getting a tan in other words bikini body.

Bikini body prep is so overrated, embrace your body and eat those donuts with no shame. Bikini shopping has to be just as bad a bikini bod prep. If you start to early you get all last seasons models, or you legit find nothing. Mid season you have bathing suits available but its a matter of finding matching tops and bottoms size wise and pattern wise, which majority of the time you have zero luck. By the end of the season you are left with just bottoms on the racks, which makes no sense. Prime bikini shopping is around this time and within the next week. If you can not relate to these bathing suit struggles you must be able to connect with finding the perfect bathing suit then not having the bottoms fitting or vice versa.

My friends the day has come… no more bikini struggles. One piece bathing suits are going to be such a hot trend this summer!

Swimsuit from Macy’s Calvin Klein Collection

I am in love with one piece bathing suits, I find them so flattering to my body and also they have varieties of styles. You can find them just about anywhere that sells bathing suits: Victoria Secret’s, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aerie, and Macy’s.

They have different looks you could go for a sexy look with cut outs on the sides, something more simple with a high top and low back, and something with a lower cut top or a high back. On average they are reasonably priced around $30-$60 which if you think about it is the same as a bikini because you buy both the top and bottom they add up.

Swimsuit from Victoria Secret’s PINK Collection

To add some accessories try a floppy hat, circle shaped sunglasses, or beach cover up pants. As these are hot trends following the one piece swimsuit.


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