Be your own kind of Beautiful

Growing up I always watched my mom put on her make-up in the bathroom as she was rushing to work and trying to rush us to get ready for school. It looked so simple but when I would get into my mom’s make-up it was a disaster. Middle school was my experimental stage with make-up. My mom taught me how to put mascara on and the correct way for eye-liner, and everything else I just learned as I got older. In today’s day in age learning how to do make up is right in front of you were ever you go, through tutorial videos on Instagram and Youtube. If I lived in the society we are in today I would have never had that mother daughter time of learning how to do makeup, because I would of said she was wrong and just listened to my tutorial video.

I can’t tell if you are middle schoolers wearing it, high schoolers,  college students, or even males. Yes, I said males! These 4 men know more about make-up than you. If you are a cosmetic guru I am sure you have heard of Jeffree Star and his collection of bronzers, eyeshadows and much more. His craze for the color pink is something I can relate to! Although he is not only famous for his tutorials but he has his own collection.He is an inspiration to every man young or old to following there heart and doing make-up.  Manny Gutierrez thinks boys should deserve just as much cosmetic recognition, don’t you agree?! You can find his videos on Youtube , his Instagram name is @mannymau733, and he even created his own hashtag #mannyacs for users to show their make up skills and create a community with him. Manny’s eyes always looking perfect with long luscious eye lashes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.14.04 AM
Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.14.59 AM

My favorite male make up vlogger is Bretman Rock. His videos make me laugh to the point where I just cant stop watching them. He has a sassy but strong attitude and the things he says are so relatable. His make up and out of this world and recently his outfit have been on fleek. You can follow him on Instagram @bretmanrock.They call him the Hawaiian Princess.  Patrick Starr explains how make up is a one size fits all market. This is his outlet for creative freedom. Patrick loves what he does and wants you to love him too, he believes beauty is a genderless expression. You can follow him @patrickstarr.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.39.46 AM
Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.38.06 AM

Cosmetics are not just made for women, and not only women can show you how to apply it. I am thankful for these celebrities and vloggers and showing us the power of make up. It not only shows who we are and how to express ourselves and creates a community of people with the same love for makeup no matter your shape, skin tone, or gender. You do not just choose the glam life, the glam life chooses you. Be you,  and be beautiful!


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  1. npat24 says:

    Becca!! I love this post! And the mother daughter time is so true! It’s crazy how many things my mom and aunts have taught me that now people just look up videos for on YouTube!


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