Kylie Cosmetics

Do you Keep up with the Kardashians? Do you watch their snapchat stories on the regular? Are you always liking their Instagram posts, or shouting out to them on twitter? ….maybe thats just me, but I do know you ALL love Kylie Cosmetics.

I  caved and recently purchased the burgundy palette, and one of her lip mattes (Kourt K) and I couldn’t be happier. Although I can barley figure out how to wing my eye liner I still love make-up. I just had to post my purchase on Instagram, sadly it only got about 20 likes people just do not know what to like these days, clearly.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.16.32 PM

I came, I saw, I contoured with Kylie Cosmetics. Check out those who conquered the make-up game with Kylie.  Zoe Greenwood who talks about beauty and fashion also caved and got some Kylie Cosmetics. In the Kylie Jenner Review I can not find a negative thing she says. The Bronze Palette is more natural colors, and used for an everyday look, nothing too dramatic. Unlike the Burgundy palette which can make for some dramatic eye make-up. Lipstick can get a little tricky which is where I connected with this post. I found it dries out my lips, and makes them UGLY the next morning so I would not suggest wearing the lip kit everyday. Kylie Jenner: Entrepreneurial Genius takes a deeper look into how the make-up takes a great deal of thought. The names after family members or her favorite number (which is 22). Her hard work, and creativity goes a long way. The kits sells out within minutes and you are lucky to try and get your hands on one!

So kiss your make-up goodbye and say hello to Kylie Cosmetics. Brush up on your skills with some new matte blushes. Kylie Jenner is coming out with blushes and the names are seriously X-rated! I did not believe this until I read it. Barley Legal, Hot and Bothered, some say she named the blushes after her and Tyga’s relationship. What other names do you think she came up with? Check them out. 5 matte blushes with some killer shades . The release date is March 24th, and you will be lucky if you get your hands on a set of blushes. Brooke’s asking what product do you think Kylie will come out with next?

Tell me what Kylie products you have, or you recommend.


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