Power of the Puff Balls

I have been dying to find the perfect purse with a matching fur puff ball to dangle off of it. I am a huge fan of the Michael Kors purses but cant seem to find the perfect purse for me. Any suggestions?

Just as every girl does when we can not find the item we are shopping for we head right to the shoe section. I found the perfect shoe, with a puff ball. I have no where to where them but let me tell you they are so cute! I’ve became so obsessed with this puff ball trend I recently purchased a pair of the fuzzy puff ball material sandals.

Weeks later I headed back to the mall for some retail therapy and yet again more puff balls except this time they are smaller and found along sandals. I noticed them on lamps, and pillows in Target.

What do you think of the puff ball trend?

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