That lighting tho

           This post was a contribution by Every Moment is a Kodak Moment 

Alright, we all know now a days that it’s all about getting the perfect selfie for Instagram. If you are not taking a selfie for Instagram, then what are you really doing? When it comes to photography, lighting is key- even for selfies. I read this article about selfie lighting and found the tips really helpful. One of which I was already putting to use.

The natural light.15622248_1852587078319340_1203457094612729865_n

This photo above is one of my favorite selfies because to me the lighting is perfect! How I achieve this is by standing in front of the window when I take selfies. I’ve found that my room is located at a perfect angle where I get just the right amount of sunlight to brighten up any selfie. Natural light is really soft and makes the subject really clear. Sometimes if you have a more dim light and not so great of a camera, the pictures turns out being more grainy than one shot in a brighter setting. One of the downsides to bright light is that it can create glare, so if you wear glasses like I do, you tend to get a lot of glare on the lenses as well as shadows cast on your face from the frames. Sometimes it’s tough to find the perfect angle to have a bright face without the glare.

Now you may be wondering what you should do if you don’t have access to a window to take selfies in front of, or if your window doesn’t face the sun. Or maybe it’s a rainy, cloudy day and you can’t go outside to capture that perfect shot, but your hair and makeup is poppin, so you know you gotta take it!

Have no fear, the LuMee case is here!

I was surprised that this product wasn’t mentioned in the article about selfie lighting because it’s amazing!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the LuMee case has it’s flaws. Number one probably being that they are a little pricey. They are also on the more bulky side for an every day case, but the selfies they create are amazing!


You really never can beat that natural sunlight though! So go soak up some vitamin D and selfie away!


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