Shop-O-Clock Somewhere

Shopping = $ and I mean lots of money you are are trying to be on top of the fashion trends. I have a couple of shopping hacks when it comes to shopping on a budget.

One trick I learned from my mom was to shop a season ahead. So when it comes to buying winter coats and sweaters buy them early as soon as they arrive on the shelves. They are at an even cheaper price towards the end of the season but that can be stressful because they may not have your size, if they do you could always save it for next year.

When I enter a store I head straight towards the back and the clearance rack. You need patience at the clearance rack along with an open mind. Sometimes they do not have what you are looking for but with an open mind you can find a handful of cute clothes.

One of my favorite store to shop at being a college student is TJ Maxx or Marshalls. These two stores carry designer brands and stores such as American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. You can find cheap beauty products, and hair supplies. The styles are always in fashion too. These two stores are generally 20-60% lower than the retail value. A little secret of mine is Wednesday morning are the best days to hit up these stores because inventory comes Tuesday- Friday so they begin to mark down “last weeks items” Wednesday morning. Also the yellow price sticker stands for final markdown.

Another store to find great deals and discounts is the Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom is a high end luxury brand store. When shopping at the Rack you should be looking for more specific items, like maybe a new suit, or a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans. I have gotten a pair of UGG’s there for $100 cheaper than the original price. Although this store may not carry cheap clothes the clothes are in high fashion and brands at a cheaper price.

How can I forget Forever 21… every girls favorite. I am not going to lie this store over whelms me and you could spend a solid day in that store. One great thing is that they carry clothes for over one short, tall, plus-size, men and women they have it all! The store is always up to date in fashion. You get what you pay for a Forever 21 because the clothing materials are fairly cheap.


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